Jennie MacDonald

Writer and Photographer

One Night Stand Theater presents “Only a Game” online

I’m so pleased to share the news that my poem, “Whimsy,” is now playing in the new One Night Stand Theater audio show.

One Night Stand Theater has just released its fifth online “mini-show”: an audio production called “Only a Game.” The show features short stories, plays and a poem about the world of games. “Only a Game” can be listened to any time at the One Night Stand website at

“While we wait for the Denver theaters to re-open, we’re doing these online productions with our One Night Stand Theater writers and actors.” says James O’Leary, One Night Stand Theater’s artistic director. “Our first show of 2021 features games of all sorts, including the game of life.”

A pencil attracts the amorous attention of a crossword and sudoku when “Two Puzzles Walk Into a Bar” by Donna Hoke. World War II prisoners of war get covert help from a game in “Passing Go” by D. J. Jones. A young chess genius spends years “Waiting for the Next Move” by Wayne Faust. A word-savvy mother creates frustration for her children when playing “Anagrams: The After Dinner Treat” by J. Jackson. Pool, darts, gambling and friendship combine to create “The Amazing 8-Ball Year” by Dave Ufford. A package on the doorstep contains an unusual puzzle in “Whimsy” by Jennie MacDonald.

The pieces are performed by actors Bevin Antea, Dave Brandl, Stephen R. Kramer, Troy Lakey, Leroy Leonard, James O’Leary, Theodore Story, Dave Ufford and Suzanna Wellens.

One Night Stand Theater is a Denver-area theater company that has presented one-night-only evenings of theatrical staged readings for over 11 years, each with its own theme. Performances have featured folk tales, American history, old-time radio, social issues, and plays about war, romance, and world travel. The “Only a Game” online show is free, though donations are encouraged to cover production costs. More information is available at, and the One Night Stand Theater Facebook page.

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