Jennie MacDonald

Writer and Photographer


Fine Art Photography

Artist’s Statement 

I believe in a sense of beauty that is not always the same as loveliness; it is deep and whole unto itself; it is suffused with its own truth. My photos range in aesthetic from realism to artistic revision and in subject from the natural world to cultural artifacts to creative exploration.

  • “Light Rising.” Light: A Journal of Photography & Poetry. Issue 12: Finishing. 2019.
  • “Winter Light.” Series. The Esthetic Apostle. June 2019. Digital.
  • “The Skein Unwinding.” Typehouse Literary Magazine. Vol. 6, No. 1, Issue 16. 2019. 1.
  • “Wishes.” New Plains Review. Spring 2018. 8.
  • “The Wake.” 3Elements Literary Review. No. 21. Winter 2019. Digital.
  • “Cat’s Cradle.” 3Elements Literary Review. No. 19. Spring 2018. Digital.
  • “In a Scrape.” 3Elements Literary Review. No. 18. Cover. Summer 2018. Digital.
  • “Inspire” and “Madea.” Obra/Artifact, The Mythos Issue. 2017. Digital.
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