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Writer and Photographer

About Jennie MacDonald

Jennie MacDonald, PhD, is a prize-winning author and photographer celebrating artistic vision and engagement. Her short story, “Patterned in Shadow,” was recently published in NonBinary Review‘s Issue #15, the We Have Always Lived in the Castle issue. Her play, “The St. Nicholas Caper” received first place in the Marion Thauer Brown 2017 Audio Drama Scriptwriting Competition. In addition to many years and miles spent in photographic pursuits, she received her Ph.D. in Literary Studies and publishes in a range of genres, including plays, poetry, short stories, and academic articles concerning 18th and 19th century Gothic literature, theatre, and material culture.

Thank you for visiting my website, where I look forward to sharing ideas and images concerned with many interests.
I believe in a sense of beauty that is not always the same as loveliness; it is deep and whole unto itself; it is suffused
with its own truth. My photos range in aesthetic from realism to artistic revision and in subject from the natural world
to cultural artifacts to creative exploration.
Subjects likely to appear in this virtual cabinet of curiosities include history of material things (sartorial, domestic,
and technological), Gothic literature and drama, children’s literature, eerie things, beautiful things, nature, astronomy,
animal advocacy, wonder, and justice. I hope to promote connections between seemingly disparate things that lead
to intriguing ideas.

Jennie’s Publications


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