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Congratulations to the editors and authors of Bizarre Bazaar: A Collection of Stories from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, the 2022 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers anthology, which is a finalist for the 2023 Colorado Book Award for Anthology. I’m proud to be a contributing author with my story “The Emperor’s New Shoes.”

I’m pleased to share the links to the fun YouTube trailer and online production of my radio play, “The Hall of Mirrors: Not Another Word,” which premieres tonight, 7/23, and runs through 8/15. Produced by Kitty Drama Productions in Colorado Springs, it was awarded second place by the 2018 Marion Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting Competition and is dedicated to the sound men and women of classic radio drama.
It’s at
Trailer at

All proceeds go to good causes.

I’m pleased to share the news that my spooky doll story, “Inheritance,” is part of the new One Night Stand Theater audio production, Family Reunion. Many thanks to Bevin Antea for an absolutely wonderful reading, especially her spot-on interpretation of Aunt Cecily. 🎭

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I’m delighted to be participating in this year’s National Audio Theatre Festival, where my hardboiled detective monologue, “Late Night at Sam’s,” will be performed by my long-time friend, the talented Guy Williams. Thank you for background artwork to Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay.

When a hard-boiled detective encounters Sam’s dastardly epicurean plot, he must choose between revenge and justice. Unlikely allies ensure he collars his tormentor. In the end, however, triumph is far from assured.

Ticketed attendees may join us for tonight’s premiere, 6/26/2021, 9:30 MST. Watch this space for a future recording.

I’m so pleased for my poem “Making Matches” to feature in One Night Stand Theater’s new audio production, “Bad Bedtime Stories,” read by the talented Guy Williams.One Night Stand Theater presents the audio, online theater production “Bad Bedtime Stories” beginning April 20 at This production features short stories and plays showcasing the lighter and darker sides of fairy tales and children’s literature. For mature audiences. Free (donation encouraged). More information at and the One Night Stand Theater Facebook page.

One Night Stand Theater presents “Only a Game” online

I’m so pleased to share the news that my poem, “Whimsy,” is now playing in the new One Night Stand Theater audio show.

One Night Stand Theater has just released its fifth online “mini-show”: an audio production called “Only a Game.” The show features short stories, plays and a poem about the world of games. “Only a Game” can be listened to any time at the One Night Stand website at

“While we wait for the Denver theaters to re-open, we’re doing these online productions with our One Night Stand Theater writers and actors.” says James O’Leary, One Night Stand Theater’s artistic director. “Our first show of 2021 features games of all sorts, including the game of life.”

A pencil attracts the amorous attention of a crossword and sudoku when “Two Puzzles Walk Into a Bar” by Donna Hoke. World War II prisoners of war get covert help from a game in “Passing Go” by D. J. Jones. A young chess genius spends years “Waiting for the Next Move” by Wayne Faust. A word-savvy mother creates frustration for her children when playing “Anagrams: The After Dinner Treat” by J. Jackson. Pool, darts, gambling and friendship combine to create “The Amazing 8-Ball Year” by Dave Ufford. A package on the doorstep contains an unusual puzzle in “Whimsy” by Jennie MacDonald.

The pieces are performed by actors Bevin Antea, Dave Brandl, Stephen R. Kramer, Troy Lakey, Leroy Leonard, James O’Leary, Theodore Story, Dave Ufford and Suzanna Wellens.

One Night Stand Theater is a Denver-area theater company that has presented one-night-only evenings of theatrical staged readings for over 11 years, each with its own theme. Performances have featured folk tales, American history, old-time radio, social issues, and plays about war, romance, and world travel. The “Only a Game” online show is free, though donations are encouraged to cover production costs. More information is available at, and the One Night Stand Theater Facebook page.

I’m happy to share the news that my illustrated essay tracing the history of Aladdin, “‘Who Will Change New Lamps for Old Ones?’: Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp in British and American Children’s Entertainment,” has just been published in All Things Arabia, a beautiful book and open-access collection published by Brill.
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Thank you with all my heart to everyone at Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment for bringing to life in print and audio my play “Teatime with HRH The Cowardly Lion.” I love this play and its characters. It’s strange to say that my own characters always move me to tears, but in Flyway’s audio performance they always do. Writing “Teatime” was prompted by dismay and desire to amplify the massive tragedy of lion population decline over the past century and particularly since I first encountered lions in the wild in 2007. Read/Listen here.

Teatime With HRH The Cowardly Lion — Jennie MacDonald

I’m so excited to share Kitty Drama ProductionsYouTube trailer for my radio drama, “The Hall of Mirrors: Not Another Word,” the second-place recipient of the 2018 Marion Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting Competition, awarded at Hear Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival that year. 🎙📄🎭