Jennie MacDonald

Writer and Photographer

New! I am happy to present the following call for submissions for a panel I am co-chairing for the 2019 American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS):

“Material Characters: Theatrical Costumes during the Long 18th Century” Jennie MacDonald, Independent Scholar, AND Janine Haugen, Independent Scholar

This session invites proposals for papers investigating the material culture of theatrical costumes. Papers might address: garments and accoutrements such as wigs, jewellery, and shoes, as well as role-specific accessories such as crowns and weapons; economics; historical and political accuracy and commentary; textual interpretation; the significance of costume for “inherited” roles; gender considerations; child actors; costumes in non-patent forms such as opera, pantomime, puppet and toy theatres; and costumes for private theatricals and strolling companies. Building on recent visual studies and gender scholarship concerning theatrical costumes, we hope to explore ways in which the life-span of costumes from creation and acquistion to use, commemoration, and disposal impacted theatrical culture within the theatre and in the wider community during the long eighteenth century. Proposals featuring visual images are especially welcome.

Submitters must be current members of ASECS. Please see the official call here:

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